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Final Touches for Your Corporate Christmas Party

Posted on Nov 27 2017

'Tis the Season!

Corporate Christmas parties are right around the corner. Here are a handful of last minute considerations for throwing a fun, memorable event for your team:


Were you a little late on securing a venue this year? Booking a venue isn't the only option you have; most companies have ample space to throw a great party!

Setting up a break room or meeting room as a party space for the day or evening can provide a budget-friendly option and allow you to spend money on other things that make the party great! We can even transform a dingy warehouse space into a fabulous party venue by setting up a tent and helping you deck out the inside. Just think of how surprised your employees will be when they get an invite to the company holiday party being hosted in the warehouse!


Choosing a theme is the fun part of the planning and is actually very helpful in order to be able to make all of the other decisions that go into party planning. Once you have a theme it is much easier to decide the type of food and drinks and the style of decor that you will use when decorating. Winter wonderland, an old fashioned holiday, Santa’s workshop, or a Grizwold’s Christmas, the possibilities are endless. 


Decorations are the key to transforming an everyday office space into a holiday extravaganza. A good tip is to start by creating focal points in the room. A reception table at the entryway, a bar area, a food area (if doing a buffet style meal), and a prize or gifts table, if necessary. After that, focus on the tables themselves. Whether cocktail style or a formal sit down, it is always best to have beautiful table linens and place settings, as well as a nice centrepiece to add some pizazz. 


Depending on the style and budget for the party (and if you are able to book a last minute caterer), you may be looking to do simple appetizers or a fully catered affair. Whatever the plan, choosing the type of food to match the feel you want to create for the party is critical.  If you want it to be a mix and mingle, then be sure to choose food that people can hold and eat while standing and chit-chatting.  If you are hoping to create a more formal atmosphere, then perhaps a fully catered sit down dinner should be in your plans.    


Obviously music is pretty much a given for any event.  At a holiday celebration that part should be simple as there are many types of holiday music to choose from. All you have to do is choose a playlist depending on the mood and style of your crowd and celebration. Don't rule out party games either; a simple gift exchange is always a popular option.


At the end of the day if you ensure that your employees feel valued and appreciated, that is really all anyone is looking for. Share your thanks, bring the holiday spirit, and everyone is sure to have a great time.

Contact us for assistance in getting those final touches in place for your corporate holiday party today!

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