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Edmonton’s Hottest Seasonal Wedding Trends for 2018

Posted on Jan 12 2018



Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, and you want to make sure you set the right mood so it matches your expectations. Edmonton's seasonality requires brides and grooms to decide which season they want to get married in, and that makes it easy to plan your wedding around a seasonal theme. In past years, we have seen trends like rustic weddings and pastel palettes, but whether those trends will carry over to 2018 is yet to be determined. One thing is for certain: themes that include wedding decorations that are romantic and whimsical are sure to be popular this year.

Here's a list of the hottest seasonal trends that we predict for weddings in Edmonton in 2018:



Spring in Edmonton brings new growth and the return of bright colours to our landscape. You can reflect this in your wedding theme by incorporating soft romantic elements like the following:


Tall Floral Centrepieces


Tall Floral Centerpieces for weddings in Edmonton


Dusty Pastel Colours


Dusty Pastel Colours for weddings in Edmonton


Textured Overlays


Textured Overlays for weddings in Edmonton


Soft and Delicate Details


Soft and Delicate Details for weddings in Edmonton



We love all weddings, but summer weddings are our favourite! The weather is nice, so you can choose to have either an indoor wedding or outdoor wedding in Edmonton. The possibilities for themes is boundless, but here are a few of our favourite trends for 2018 for summer weddings.


Playful Bold Colours


Playful Bold Colours for weddings in Edmonton


Whimsical Elements


Whimsical Elements for weddings in Edmonton


Lawn Games for Guests


Lawn Games for weddings in Edmonton


Tent Liners


Tent Liners for weddings in Edmonton


Burlap Decorations


Burlap Decorations for weddings in Edmonton



Edmonton is gorgeous in the fall, providing a beautiful backdrop for any wedding. Play off Edmonton's natural beautiful scenery with these fall inspired wedding accents.


Gold Accents


Gold Accents for weddings in Edmonton


Nature Inspired Decorations


Nature Inspired Decorations for weddings in Edmonton




Sequins for weddings in Edmonton


Jewel-Toned Floral Components


Jewel-Toned Floral Components for weddings in Edmonton


Edible Favours


Edible Favours for weddings in Edmonton



Winter in Edmonton may be chilly, but it also makes for a beautifully romantic wedding day. The soft light and white contrast can provide photographers with the perfect lighting for your photos, and these wedding trends will help set the mood and ambiance of your special day.


Marble Accents


Marble Accents for weddings in Edmonton


Candle Light


Candle Light for weddings in Edmonton


Mixtures of Textures


Mixtures of Textures for weddings in Edmonton


Negative Space


Negtive Space for weddings in Edmonton


Industrial Elements


Industrial Elements for weddings in Edmonton


No matter which season you decide to hold your wedding in, River City Events can help make it the most romantic and beautiful day of your life. We specialize in wedding rentals and special event planning in Edmonton. Contact us to help take some of the stress out of planning your big day!


 All photography was sourced from Pinterest. If you would like credit for your image(s), please contact us


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