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Our 10 Reasons Why You Should Host Events

Posted on Jan 24 2018

Article By Edward Haynes

The importance of events is often underestimated. They are stressful, difficult to co-ordinate and sometimes considered expensive. But despite the risks, events can be incredibly beneficial to your business, and should really, be a part of any business model.

So here it is: our 10 reasons for holding client focused, sales driven events.

1) Strengthen existing relationships and build trust
Long standing customers deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded. They are after all what gives your business a platform to grow and offer your services and products to a wide audience. Customer appreciation events are a great way of letting them know their business is appreciated and will help strengthen your ties moving forwards.

2) Create a positive online image
We live in the age of social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, a social media presence is now essential to the survival of a business. Running events gives you a wonderful opportunity to engage with your online audience, offering promotions, information and imagery about your company or products. Number two, leads directly onto number 3!

3) Build brand awareness
Brand awareness events, in unison with social media engagement, will help create awareness of your organization and the work you do. After all, what’s the point in being great at what you do, if nobody knows you’re good at doing it?

4) Reward loyal and hardworking staff members
A pancake breakfast or staff BBQ are awesome ways to boost team morale and show appreciation to the people that work hard for you every day. Team building and staff happiness make every day go faster, so reward those who keep the wheels turning! As Richard Branson said ‘Look after your staff, and they will look after your clients’.

5) Showcase your office space, products, services and staff.
You believe that your attributes as a company put you above the rest and we don’t doubt it. Inviting both prospective and existing clients to an event to showcase your strengths will only help boost not only your reputation, but your revenue as well.

6) Have Fun
Business doesn’t have to be serious all of the time! In fact, we make most of our long lasting business relationships in social environments. An event is a great way to connect socially, build relationships, create deals and have a lot of fun in the process!

7) Generate revenue and close sales
Sales driven events can really set you apart from the competition and valued time with existing and prospective clients can never be outdone. Sales focused events give your business the platform to speed up the sales process and allow you one-on-one time with customers that you may otherwise struggle to get.

8) Strengthen community ties
Running fundraisers or community appreciation events help strengthen your ties to the community in which you are based, and improve your company image at the same time. We all know the value of being valued!

9) Make face-to-face connections
Phone calls and emails are never the greatest way to build long lasting relationships with clients, partners and suppliers. Hosting your own event is a great way to connect and get to know the people you work with.

10) Stand out
All businesses face competition in the markets they strive to succeed in. Running and hosting events is another spanner in the tool box that sets you apart from your competition.


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