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10 Tips For Picking The Right Wedding Planner In Edmonton

Posted on Feb 12 2018

Here at River City Events, we know how important it is to have a personal connection with your wedding vendors. Picking the right wedding vendors in Edmonton can be tricky because there are so many amazing businesses to choose from. Whether it is your DJ, videographer, venue, or florist, you need to feel comfortable and confident that you’ve made the right choice (at the right price point)! 

Our Wedding Consultant Chelsea has compiled a list of her top ten tips for choosing vendors. This planning list will provide peace of mind that your event in Edmonton will go off without a hitch.


1. Be Prepared

Plan ahead and write down your list of questions before you meet with your potential vendors. It is easy to get excited and get off track when you meet someone, and before you know it you are choosing your colours or sampling 15 different cake frostings! Make sure you cover all your bases before you start picking the details.


2. Know Your Budget

This is so important and often overlooked. If you are meeting with a vendor, it is best to be upfront with your budget so that they can guide you through choices you can afford, rather than showing you options that will provide sticker shock and lead to disappointment.


3. Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If your vendor is professional they will be able to address any and all of your questions, even if you think they may seem silly.


4. Phone a Friend

Ask around for referrals. Ask your family and friends for open and honest opinions: who did they use and did they like them? Furthermore, ask your potential vendors for reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Check Google and Facebook reviews too!


5. Have Face-to-Face Meetings

Try to meet all of your vendors face-to-face, as this will allow you the opportunity to get to know each other and communicate openly. This also gives you the chance to ensure that your personalities click and helps to build trust in your business relationship. If you are booking a service through a large company, a DJ company for example, ask if you can meet the DJ beforehand to ensure it is a good fit.


6. Visit Showrooms

The best way to get to know a company is to pay them a visit. This will allow you to see their products firsthand, know the quality and get a sense of what their professional standards are. Is their showroom well organized and clean? Will they show you their warehouse so you can see their cleaning/inspection standards? Is the staff friendly and helpful? All of these factors will give you an indication of how the company will treat you on your big day. Just make sure to make an appointment first if they require it.


7. The Wedding Tax Does Not Exist

Many people think that the “Wedding Tax” is a real thing - this is not true. A professional company should not be charging you more for items or services just because it is a wedding. Be honest with your vendors, and ask that they be honest with you as well.


8. Attend Bridal Shows

Attending bridal shows is fun! They offer an exciting (and efficient!) way to meet vendors. Whether you are starting or finishing your planning process, bridal shows can be a great place to be inspired and see what is new and exciting in your local markets. And you can sometimes score sweet discounts!

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9. Trust Your Gut

When you are meeting with a vendor, trust your gut. Do they give you the warm fuzzies, or do they leave you feeling nervous that your dream wedding may not come together? When you leave any meeting with a vendor you should always feel better and more prepared than when you arrived. If you don’t get this feeling, communicate it with the vendor and give them the chance to put your mind at ease prior to the big day.


10. Have Fun and Delegate!

Planning your dream wedding should be fun, not stressful. If you and your partner are starting to feel overwhelmed, delegate some of your planning tasks. Reach out to your bridal party and groomsmen and ask if they can help with small tasks that will alleviate the pressure off of you. You can also look at hiring a wedding planner to assist with the planning, leaving you time to focus on the fun stuff. It really does take a village!


Bridal Show Bonus Tip:

At bridal shows, most vendors will have draws that you can enter to win their services. If you attend a show, print off labels with your name, phone number, email address, and wedding date to save you the time from writing this out dozens of times. Enter all of the contests you can!


Wedding Planners Bonus Tip:

Create a wedding email address to keep all of your wedding information in one place. This will allow you to keep your wedding planning separate from your personal inbox, and will help you to stay organized!


Have fun planning, and if you have questions about our event rental services in Edmonton, please contact River City Events!

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