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Company BBQ – Event Planning Guide

Posted on Jun 11 2019

Summer is officially here! What better way to escape those stuffy office buildings and engage in some workplace team bonding than throwing a company barbecue?

All it takes to plan a great barbecue is some bright sunshine, a propane grill and some smart planning. Here's a list of tips and tricks to help you out with planning this year's corporate event.


Probably the biggest factor of any barbecue is the food. Going all out for a true traditional barbecue means serving a wide variety such as hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, ribs, and chicken. It’s always good idea to include vegetarian alternatives and accommodate those with certain allergies as well.

Snacks like chips should be included and offered to wave off hunger while the meat is cooking, and to complement the meal. Other side dishes such as salads and raw or roasted vegetables are also great healthy alternatives to include. Don’t forget to have something sweet, like ice cream to finish it off.



Ensure that you have plenty of cool drinks on hand such as water and a variety of pop and juice; beverage containers are handy for self serve. If your event is being held in a private residence and you’re planning to serve alcohol, make sure you have an idea of what everyone enjoys, or just stick to the basics. If you’re planning on serving alcohol in a public to semi public location, make sure you have all the appropriate licenses, permits and paperwork arranged. To help keep your drinks cool we recommend an ice filled cooler or beverage tub to help save you having to run inside repeatedly, or if your event is being hosted somewhere where you are lacking refrigeration. 


The Barbecue

No amount of pre-planning and organizing can help if you don't have a reliable barbecue. Taking too long to cook and serve food is never a good thing. Most company get-togethers consist of a fair amount of people and a standard home barbecue can only hold so much meat. An event sized grill is a perfect alternative to having to haul your neighbours gas range across town. We also have all the accessories you may need; chafing dishes to keep the food warm, flippers and tongs for servings, and even garbage cans to help with clean up. 



It's important to make sure that you have adequate seating for everyone. Since not everyone will want to stand and eat, make sure you have enough tables and chairs. Renting tables, chairs and patio furniture is cheaper and simpler solution. 



Alberta weather is infamous for being unpredictable, so make sure you are prepared for anything mother nature throws your way with a tent or canopy. If the event runs late into the night, an outdoor tent heater will keep everyone warm.

The summer season is only so long, and planning a company barbecue event can take time. Thankfully River City Events has all of your barbecue and other special event planning needs handled under one roof! We have everything you need from tents to teaspoons, plus our well-seasoned and knowledgeable planning staff are available to help you with the details. Let us help you make the most of your summer company barbecue. Check out our rental catalogue today!

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