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Make Your Next Fundraiser a Hole-in-one!

Posted on May 15 2018

Golf Tournament Planning Guide

Golf tournaments are a fantastic corporate event and fundraising venture for any cause or charity. They are enjoyable for the players and can be very lucrative for the organization. The thought of hosting such a large scale event can appear overwhelming for many as they require advanced planning, high levels of organization and lots of hard work.

We’ve put our heads together and have compiled advice from our pros to create this list of tips to help you host a successful event that will bring golfers back year after year!

Define Your Objective

One of the most important, and often overlooked, factor of planning any charity event is defining your goal or purpose. Often groups and organizations will host a tournament simply for the sake of hosting a tournament. Define your objective and plan the organization of the event around this objective. For example; if fundraising is your goal, decide on a realistic goal for how much money you’d like to raise and where this money will go. Others will be more eager to support your cause if they see that you’re organized and have a plan. Meeting or surpassing your goal has a huge impact on how successful you feel your event was when its over; make sure to set realistic benchmarks!

Assemble a Planning Committee

Running and organizing any event is a lot for anyone to tackle. A large-scale event like this is almost impossible for one person to take on. Consider assembling a planning committee. Successful events rely on the recruitment and action of a strong, reliable team. Ideally this committee should be comprised of individuals with multiple skills and talents that share the common interest of the success of the event. A great asset to your planning team would be to include a few members of your organization who are avid golfers. These team members will be able to help steer the rest of the committee in the right direction to ensure the event is enjoyable for everyone participating.

Research, Research, Research

You can’t have a golf tournament without a golf course! Selecting the right golf course determines the majority of your event. The most common complaints tournament organizers receive are with regards to the course itself. Make sure you take the time to research courses in your area and discuss with your planning committee what you feel your participants will be looking for in a course. Private vs. public and easy vs. difficult are some examples of criteria to consider. Consider all levels of skill as well. This will help attract both experienced and beginner golfers to your tournament.

Once you have your venue chosen, your next step is to contact the golf course and reserve your date! Certain courses might offer you a deal depending on when you’re planning on hosting your tournament. For example; you might be able to gain a reduced rate if you choose to host your event on a weekday versus a weekend.

Secure Sponsors

Large scale events can be as expensive as they are time consuming. Participants will contribute greatly to the funding of the event, but offering an opportunity for local businesses and individuals to back your event will really assist you in achieving your goal. Especially if your goal is to fundraise for your charity or cause. Begin your sponsorship search by calling on local businesses and vendors within your industry; offer them the opportunity to have a hole named after their business. If they are really interested in helping your cause, offer to name your tournament after them! If you are planning on using your sponsor’s logos for any signage, make sure that they are aware so that there will be no copyright conflicts.

Prioritize Promotions

You have your venue, you’ve chosen your date and you’ve organized sponsors; now is the time to focus on promoting your event and gaining participants! Consider all methods of advertising to help spread the word and attract players. Developing an online presence early through social media or by creating a website for your event can help expand the reach of your other advertising methods. Contacting local radio and television stations to promote your event is another great way to make sure as many people are informed as possible!

Post-event Activities

Lastly, make your charity golf tournament the first of many! After your event is wrapped up and done, take the time to follow up with your participants. If fundraising was your goal, pass along how much money the event raised and gain feedback. You can then plan to have the tournament on the same course the following year!

Hosting a golf tournament can be an incredibly fun and rewarding fundraiser – River City Events is your one stop shop for tents, all-purpose canopies, beverage tubs, and any other supplies you might need for your charity golf tournament or any outdoor event this summer! Contact us today to chat about your plans for a fundraiser golf tournament.

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