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Wedding Trends for Summer 2019

Posted on Jun 03 2019
Wedding Trends 2019

Wedding Trends 2019

Wedding decor trends for summer 2019 bring natural and whimsical elements, neutral palette and big florals into the wedding style and design.


Wedding arches are symbolic gates to a new life, family happiness, and change. Greenery, garlands, flowers and vines adorn ceremony arches both indoors and out. View our arches here.


Geometric and industrial accents have become the perfect complement to the bold, modern styles dominating the wedding scene. Adding geometric pieces to any wedding day look will give your style a contemporary edginess. From glitzy art deco inspired linen, to geometric shaped vases and candle holders, we just can’t get enough of this modern wedding trend. Explore our collection of GEO style centrepieces here.


Hanging accents are an instant wow factor, and they always get noticed. Suspended flowers from ceiling beams or café lights from barn rafters add ambience and visual interest. 


Hedge wall backdrops, branches, boho elements and nature-inspired décor are more popular than ever. With its intimate feel from the woodsy and whimsical decor, like dream catchers, colourful isle runners and hoops for wedding bouquet, we can definitely see why! Take a look at our boho inspired decor items here.


We see less vibrant and bright colour combinations and more soft neutral colours this summer. Take  a look at our Specialty Linen inventory.



Feathers have been around the bridal world for years, but this year we see them incorporated into the wedding decor as well. Feathers feel more sculptural and will add a whimsical feel to any floral.

Summer of 2019 brings many changes in wedding trends, but most of all, it encourage couples to be unique and stay true to themselves. Remember that this is your day and it should be exactly what you want it to be, regardless of what the trends dictate. 


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